Tentative Start Date for the 2022 is Saturday, 5/28/22 at Hoover Reservoir for paddleboard lessons, rentals, and yoga.  Register for sessions on our online calendar at Aloha SUP.

How does it work?

This is our number #1 question.

Our system works as follows:

All registration is online. All of our available classes are listed on our online calendar.  We do not accept payment at the site.  You can register at the site on from your mobile phone on the same day if spots are available.

Our primary paddleboard sessions are the following:

  • SUP Lesson
  • Sunset Paddle
  • SUP Yoga
  • SUP Group Event

These sessions are typically $40 for 90 minutes unless otherwise specified. 

Each 90-minute session includes a 15-minute land tutorial for first time Aloha SUP customers.

All gear is provided:

  • Premium paddleboards and adjustable paddles.
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD) – inflatable waist belt or life jacket.

We assist you getting in and out of the water with your board and offer on-water coaching to get you up and running after the 15-minute land tutorial.

The on-water paddling part of the 90-minute session is 60-75 minutes.  You are free to paddle solo or with the group you registered with.

All first-time customers of Aloha SUP are required to take the 15-minute tutorial regardless of previous experience.

Existing Aloha SUP customers can bypass the tutorial section of the lesson on subsequent visits after their first session.  This gives you 90-minutes on the water.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled start time so that we can start the class on time ensuring maximum time on the water.

We schedule our sessions every Saturday and Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Our typical start times are 10AM, 12PM, & 2PM.  We may offer earlier and later start times depending upon demand.

Our primary location for the 2021 season is at Hoover Reservoir in Westerville, Ohio.

We ask returning customers to arrive 15 minutes early so we can fit you with your gear and you can launch before the start of the tutorial section of the lesson.  This give you a 90-minute on-water paddleboard session.

If you want to schedule a group event, we can organize a date/time slot specific for your group.  We setup a Group Event link on our calendar so that each individual person in the group can register and pay for their own session.  Or we can coordinate with the organizer of the group to pay for the entire group session.

Send the details of your group and we will provide you a group rate based on your needs.


Aloha SUP Columbus is the leading standup paddleboard instructor in the State of Ohio.

We have seven years of experience teaching paddle boarding.

We have taught over 5,000 students paddle boarding since our founding in 2012.

We offer a premium service with top notch equipment, certified instructors and an enthusiastic staff that strive to ensure your satisfaction.

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