SUP Yoga

We are open for the 2020 season starting on Sunday, 6/28/20 at Hoove Reservoir for paddleboard lessons, rentals, and yoga.  Register for sessions on our online calendar at Aloha SUP.

SUP Columbus and Aloha SUP offers Paddle Board SUP Yoga classes in Columbus and central Ohio.

Call (614) 655-3504 with any questions.

SUP Yoga nurtures the soul.  The calm waters relax the body, clear the mind, and relieve stress all while providing a challenging workout.  Take your yoga practice outdoors and to the water during the summer months with SUP Yoga.  Anyone with a yoga practice will enjoy the increased challenge of taking it to the water, filling the lungs with fresh air, and feeling the sunshine.

Paddle Board Yoga is good for you.  The practice of paddle board Yoga will challenge your fitness levels and deliver an exhilarating experience.

Paddle Board Yoga is fun.  A paddle board yoga class with fellow yogi’s who are pushing their limits builds camaraderie as the class shares the experience.

Come out and join a paddle board yoga class and experience what all the buzz is about.

You can view Columbus Dispatch featured story and video on Paddle Board Yoga in Columbus.